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About Kenyatta.

Kenyatta Thomas (they/them) is a storyteller and reproductive justice activist from the Mississippi Gulf Coast. They fell in love with stories from a young age and have been writing since they were a child. Since joining advocacy work at 17, storytelling and liberation have been linked for Kenyatta. In 2017, they began working on comprehensive sex education advocacy with Teen Health Mississippi and have since worked with various organizations around different issues including pro-abortion access advocacy, reproductive justice, racial justice, and abolition.


Kenyatta firmly believes in the power of storytelling in the movement space as it helps us build connections with each other, create change, and identify the structural harms and barriers that oppress different communities. They also believe in the importance of art as a form of pleasure, escape, and self-expression. While Kenyatta has a particular interest in reproductive justice, abortion access, and sex education, they also focus on advocacy related to police and prison abolition, mental healthcare, gun violence prevention, climate change, and racial and gender equity.

Kenyatta studied Interdisciplinary Studies with concentrations in Digital Audiences and Justice Studies at Arizona State University, receiving their B.A. in May 2023.

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